Find Your Blessings

I was up about 7:30 this morning and I sat quietly for a few minutes, having a hot cup of Constant Comment tea. My friend Jo Ann and I got a bit of time to talk on the phone before Mike got up. Mike had an appointment with the spine center this morning, a recheck from a spinal ablation he had in July. He finally told this place he had been diagnosed with mild dementia, but it was nothing to worry about!. As we sat there talking to the doctor, he was asked a series of questions, like how long can you walk without pain. He couldn’t remember so I said, “The last few times we walked for about 30 minutes, and close to the end of that time Mike would begin to complain his back hurt, and he would begin to stumble.” Mike then said okay, I could walk up to an hour – “No, Mike 1/2 an hour at the most.” He got upset with me. Then he was asked if he shuffled his feet when he walked? His response, “No, never.” Again I said, “Yes, you do! Most of the time you do.” He almost stood up, turned to me and in an extremely angry voice he almost yelled. “NEVER!” It got quite stressful, but we were with the doctor and I felt safe to contradict where needed. At the end of the appointment, Mike stood up and walked out the door ahead of me, and the doctor looked at me and winked. She totally understood.

After the appointment, I asked Mike if he wanted breakfast or lunch and he said, “yes, let’s go to the closest place.” We went to a place called Chomper’s and had a good meal. While we were there, our son texted to say he had a surprise for us in the garage – hmmm. When we got home we found a nice set of metal shelves from Costco! What a total blessing.

Mike and I got home, and he went to the sofa to read, while I was upstairs working on a project. I’ve been devoting myself to organizing our home. We’ve lived here a year and I am finally knowing where I want things, and how to organize stuff. Mike came upstairs and asked if I wanted help, and I didn’t, but I did ask for a cup of tea. He said okay, went downstairs and turned on the kettle. He sat down, and began reading, the kettle shut off and he continued to read. I didn’t go downstairs to get the tea, I didn’t want to upset him by showing him that he’d forgotten something else. He went to the family room, and I was able to slip to the kitchen and get my tea. It took about another 45 minutes and Mike made his way upstairs and then asked, “did I get your tea for you?” I said, “No, I got it.” He said okay and went downstairs again. About 15 minutes later I began to run the vacuum, and he came back upstairs, and turned it off. He told me he wanted to show me how to do it properly. So I stood back, and watched him, after he was done he asked me if I understood, I said yes, and he responded good, and went back downstairs!

Now dinner is done, Mike wanted beans and hot dogs – (sigh) after I put the beans into the pan I put the spoon into the can and it tipped over, the spoon flew out and I ended up getting bean juice all over my face, dripping down my front, all over the floor, and when I picked the spoon up, it ran into my sleeve. I served Mike his meal, and went upstairs to shower. As I was preparing, I took my earrings off, and I dropped an earring into the toilet, fortunately I had cleaned the toilet just before I fixed dinner, but still………

Now Mike and I are watching the Presidential debate.

It’s been a great day. Have a good evening.

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I am a Mom and a Grandma. I like photography, genealogy, scrapbooking, canning, and gardening

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