My Husband

A wave in the rock Antelope Canyon, August 2012

Psalm 66:3 Say to God,
“How awesome are Your works! Through the greatness of Your power Your enemies shall submit themselves to You

Me and Mike in Scotland, 15 August 2017

Today I finally got the snow treds onto my Maxima. Mike was initially planning to follow me over to the tire store, and then take me to lunch while we waited for the car to be finished. I didn’t want him driving at all! I told him I had planned to drop him off at a local restaurant, drive over to the tire store, and walk back to the restaurant and have lunch with him. I insisted I really wanted to walk! So he agreed. All went as planned, until it was time to pay the bill for lunch!! Oops – I didn’t have my wallet! Mike suggested he walk home, and get my wallet and drive back! Oh No!! We were on Appleway, at Elmer’s and he couldn’t remember where the tire store was from there – how was he going to find his way home??? Fortunately, one of the servers knew me well, and so it was not an issue for Mike and I to leave, walk to get the car, go home, and then drive back over and pay the check.

Seriously, today I spent a lot of time keeping Mike from doing things where he might get hurt, or lost! I have to work around him so he doesn’t feel like I am not allowing him choices, and it gets tricky to do. I have to be prepared to be creative at all times, just to protect him from himself.

I got a tad bit done on the office, but mostly, after the tires, and lunch, I sat with Mike, watching tv and just being together. He fell asleep, but that’s okay – when he woke up, I was there. He smiled at me and went back to sleep. Eventually, I told him I needed to go to sleep, I gave him a kiss goodnight and headed off to bed. It’s been a great day. Have a good evening.

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