Thankful for Peace & Calm

Philippians 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

Image may contain: 4 people, including Michael Lee

Taken March or April 1995: In this picture: Left to right: Mike’s Mom, Leota; Mike; Me; Renee is seated. We were at an international art show, and Mike had won some major awards. Renee really wanted to be there, even though she was very ill, so we loaded up the wheelchair, and everyone and drove from San Juan Capistrano to San Bernardino.

Today, my housekeep arrived. I have a young woman come in 2x a month – basically every other Saturday – to do light housekeeping for me and it’s a major blessing to have her. Mike was up early, by 8 am, and he helped get some things picked up before Emma arrived. Since she doesn’t do heavy cleaning, I don’t think it’s appropriate to leave papers and books laying around for her to have to deal with. She cleans the kitchen counters, the appliances, she cleans the floor from the bathroom through to the kitchen and runs the vacuum on the main floor and does 1 set of stairs up and 1 set of stairs down. Just having the main floor clean and shining does wonders for my sense of well being.

After I made sure Emma had what she needed to clean with, Mike and I left for breakfast. We went to one of our favorite spots, Michael D’s at the corner of Sherman and Coeur d’Alene Lake Drive. Mike ate half of his omelet and got a go box for the other half. He was more steady on his feet this morning than I’ve seen him in a while.

I’ve put Mike on a schedule, and it seems to be helping him. He doesn’t want to eat in the morning, he just wants a cup of coffee and a piece of toast, I am going to begin cooking breakfast for him when he gets up and we already are having dinner around 4. I do need to get a little more attentive to the times he takes his medications. I gave them to him this morning before we left, but I found out he didn’t actually take them until later this afternoon. I believe he will do even better with a tighter schedule. I also need to talk with someone, anyone, about Mike’s sleeping so much. He says he is up most of the night and then he sleeps almost all day. I’ve tried to get him to take less naps in the daytime, but it’s just not happening.

Mike decided he wanted to go for a walk today, and I told him I’d go with him later, he didn’t want to wait for me, so off he went. He was gone about 20 minutes, and he was stumbling very badly when he got into the house. He had an extremely difficult time standing up, and literally fell into the chair. He was trembling all over. He said it was because he was cold, but it was 43 outside, and I had been out earlier, with only a sweater on. I will make sure I go with him the next time!

So, my house is clean, I am honing in on Mike’s schedule, and things have been wonderfully calm for several days. It’s been a great day. Have a good evening.

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