My heart hurts with sadness

Psalm 89:1 I will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever; With my mouth will I make known Your faithfulness to all generations.

Mike 15 October 2019

The day started good, I have been content with it. Mike was up at 9:20 to go to physical therapy, and said he would wait until we got home to take his medication. We went to eat after that, then we got home about 12:30, he took the meds and went to bed. He got up at 8:30 and wanted a drink of water – and his night time meds. At 9pm he decided to go back to bed and it was an ordeal. Soooooo…..

Tonight my heart is sad. Mike seems to be wasting away. All he seems to do, for the most part, is sleep, wakes, takes medication and sleeps again. He’s so weak he can barely make it downstairs to bed and then he is almost unable to get into bed! I have told him if he falls I will have to call the paramedics. He wasn’t happy with my saying that, but at this point I don’t care!

Tomorrow, Mike has an appointment with the neurologist at noon. I will wake him at 10:30 to make sure he’s dressed, and if he’s unable to get upstairs, I have the business number of the local fire station. I will call them and ask for assistance to get him upstairs. I did a short video of him going down, and it’s painful to my heart to see. I want the doctor to be able to see what I’ve been dealing with this last few days; and I will be asking for a list of resources, in home help, social services, and also a list of long term facilities to get on some waiting lists for care.

If I go to my own bed, on the top floor of the house, and Mike’s in the lowest level, I won’t be able to hear him if he needs help, so I am thinking about trying to sleep on the sofa in the family room. That way I’ll be handy to help, if he’ll let me. But if he falls, he won’t have a choice about getting help – 911 will be my rescue call. I think it’s going to be a long night!

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