Haz-Mat = Dementia?

Romans 5:1 Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ,

30 December 2020 Mike having lunch

Last night was a bear! I ended up in the family room to sleep, so I could be near Mike in case he needed me. He didn’t, but he did do a lot of yelling and calling out to me in his sleep. I think I managed between 3-4 hours of sleep all night.

When I finally got up this morning it was 4:30 am and I was almost to tired to think! But I managed to have a couple cups of hot tea, and I ate some breakfast. I was concerned about getting Mike upstairs to be able to get to his appointment, and our son showed up to see if I needed anything. Fortunately, Mike wasn’t as difficult to handle this morning as he had been last night! And he didn’t fall, and he even managed the stairs with only a little hesitation. We had gotten a ton of snow last night, and it continued to snow as we made our way over to the office – I was figuring the time it might take to get there, and though the time was 11:45 – I got us there at 10:45 a whole hour early – and sat in the lobby of the medical building waiting for check in. Mike napped. The neurologist was impressed with my charting for Mike’s meds and the notations I made for incidents. There is a possibility that a portion of this dementia could be from the chemicals Mike was exposed to as a fire fighter. He was a Haz-Mat Captain for the last years of his career. The doctor is willing to look at some of the chemicals and determine if there is any chance any one of them could be contributing to now. It would be a blessing if the doctor says yes and can give specifics!

It is known that firefighting foam is a culprit in early onset Parkinson’s disease, Mike doesn’t have that. I have contacted the workman’s comp attorney to see if there is a list of chemicals Mike had been exposed to – after 14 years it may be difficult to obtain!

Anyway, for now, with the doctor’s oversight, I am in the process of weaning Mike off the drug he had overdosed on – the one that initially precipitated my taking over the task of dispensing his medicines to him.

I did tell the doctor that for 3 nights in a row, about 3 am Mike would go out to the garage, setting off the alarm, and I would get up and go find him out there looking for me. He doesn’t remember that, so I don’t know if he was sleep walking, or seriously doesn’t remember due to the dementia. The doctor said it was important to note in his chart.

It’s only 8 pm, but I am truly beat and I have to be up early again tomorrow. Good night.

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