Isn’t it interesting?

Proverbs 16:3 Commit your works to the Lord, And your thoughts will be established.

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Mike and Robert hooking the blade to the Polaris 31 Dec 2020

Today started with Mike going to physical therapy and then I dropped him off for lunch with some guys from the church. And I had a few hours for myself! Well, we got our messages crossed. I thought the main guy was to text me when he left Mike at the house. That didn’t happen. When we moved in 2019, we were ‘supposed’ to get a single story place, but we ended up with a 3 story place instead. 2 bedrooms on the top floor and 2 bedrooms in the basement area, which is also where the family room is located. (No bedrooms on the main floor) Due to Mike’s sleep apnea we don’t share a room anymore and he’s chosen one in the basement. It’s been working fine! I was gone from the house about 2 hours and I hadn’t gotten a text, but I went home to check, just in case. Mike wasn’t in the master bedroom, nor in the room in the basement. Okay, they haven’t brought him back yet. I went out for another hour, came back and checked again. No Mike, so I went out again. When I headed home this time, I am beginning to wonder if they forgot to bring Mike home! And I decided I would text the guy once I got to the driveway. Our son, Robert, was at the house, and he hadn’t seen Mike either. We went into the house to look for keys for the Polaris so Robert could put the blade on and scoop the slushy driveway. Mike comes upstairs, from the basement. I asked him if he’d just gotten home, Nope – he’s been here a while. Puzzled I asked, Where??? He took a nap, in the 2nd basement bedroom, not in the one he’s usually sleeping in! So I didn’t see him, because I didn’t think to check the extra bedroom! (oh! boy!)

Last night he left water running, fortunately the sink wasn’t stopped up! Today, he forgot which room he had been sleeping in. But I think it’s very interesting, when Robert was trying to figure out how to attach the blade to the Polaris, Mike remembered exactly how to do it! He couldn’t get the pieces together – he forgot the sequence when he was trying to do it, but he could tell Robert what needed to be done, and Robert had it finished in no time at all!

While Robert was scooping the slush, Mike was walking to the shop, and he fell in the snow; then Robert stopped to get something from the garage and Mike started to fall again, but managed to sit down instead. The third time, Mike leaned forward to pick something up from the ground and he fell again. I begged him to get into the house and sit down before he got hurt, but he said I was hovering and needed to ignore him falling! That’s not my job – my job is to keep him safe. Mike finally came into the house and immediately fell asleep on the sofa. I woke him up an hour later, got him to go downstairs to the basement, and his usual room. I made sure he took his evening meds and got to bed.

Now it’s time to say good-night, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I pray 2021 will be better than 2020 was.

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