If I don’t laugh, I might cry

Psalm 9:10 And those who know Your name will put their trust in You; For You, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You.

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A single, lone, waterdrop

Yesterday, I was at the store picking up some milk, and Mike called to say the coffee maker had quit working. I got home and water was all over the counter and the floor. He had poured the water down the outside of the unit and there was a mess for me to clean. I made a fresh pot of coffee for him. Later that same afternoon, he decided he wanted a cup of coffee and put his cup into the microwave to heat it – he pushed buttons and pushed buttons and ended up putting the unit on convection instead of microwave and was ready to push the button to cook it for 14 hours!

This morning I got to go to the home of a friend and have a wonderful visit. Her home is new for her, and her husband, and I had a housewarming gift for her, but I forgot to take it with me. I was so excited to just get out of the house and visit with someone! I only stayed an hour, the timing was perfect. I was home, upstairs, working on some paperwork when Mike got up. I offered to make coffee for him, but he just wanted some heated in the microwave – so I offered to do it. He said okay, laid down on the sofa and went right back to sleep. Mike yelled and thrashed about a lot as he was laying there, but he stayed asleep for over 3 hours. When he woke up, he picked up the coffee cup and drank most of it – but he missed the edge of the table putting the cup back down, so I had to clean the sofa, and the rug. I told him he needed to take a shower, and he told me he had one already. His last shower was on January 2; then he laid down and slept for another 3 hours.

I was in the kitchen fixing a cup of tea when Mike woke the next time and he went to the family room and right back to me asking for batteries. I told him they were in the drawer under the printer. He got testy and asked where the hell is the printer (the printer has been sitting on a cabinet just off the living room area since we moved in) I told him where the printer was, and I told him open the top drawer of the cabinet – he opened the bottom drawer and dumped it! He didn’t find any batteries, so he literally threw the stuff back into the bottom drawer. I asked him to be careful and not break the drawer and he yelled, “what would you know about anything?!” I walked over and opened the top drawer and showed him the batteries, and he snatched them out of my hand and began to go back to the family room (it’s downstairs) I went to check on him a few minutes later and I saw the batteries on the stairs. I took them down to him and he looked at me with a blank stare. I asked if he still needed them, and he asked “why would I need batteries?” I said, “Why don’t you go back to sleep?” and I put them back into the original drawer.

Robert fixed dinner for us tonight, and while he was cooking Mike decided to make coffee – he put the grounds into the filter, put the filter into the machine and poured the old coffee over the grounds (not in the basin for the water) and turned the machine on. Then he sat the pot onto the counter. Fortunately, I was right there, saw what happened and I was able to handle things before there was a major mess.

After dinner, Mike wanted to watch some tv, and then at 8 he decided it was bedtime. I helped him locate his pillows (they were on the bed) I told him again he needed a shower and I closed his door.

It’s been a contrary day.

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I am a Mom and a Grandma. I like photography, genealogy, scrapbooking, canning, and gardening

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