What to do?

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.

At Fernan Lake 5 January 2021

Mike had an appointment with physical therapy this morning. He finally took a shower about 8:45 am this morning. It exhausted him, and he had to lay down for a couple of minutes before he could get dressed. He put his undershorts on backwards, and it took him a bit to realize what the problem was, after he got them off and turned around I got his jeans for him, then I had to take them from him and turn them around properly before he tried to put them on. He then wandered into the other bathroom, and when I asked him why was he there he replied, “This is where the brush is” So I took the brush and put it into his bathroom! He walked, tripped, stumbled his way upstairs and then couldn’t find a shirt, so I had to go back downstairs to get a shirt for him. While I was there, I grabbed a pair of socks. As he was getting those on, I asked him where his shoes were and he didn’t know. I had to go back downstairs to find his shoes, and I noticed his glasses were on the tv cabinet, so I took the glasses and shoes back upstairs with me. Once he got his shoes on, he couldn’t remember how to tie them, and I ended up having to do that. He picked up his coat, and I had to help him get his arms into the sleeves. In the car he couldn’t remember how to fasten his seat belt.

Once we got to PT, he slowly shuffled into the office, and his specific therapist asked me what happened. I told Adam, this is how he walks when he doesn’t think anyone, medically knowledgeable, is looking. I told Adam all Mike does is sleep and there is no other activity to speak of. As I talked to the receptionist, she told me she saw a big change to the negative in the way Mike appeared and acted. I told her I know, and then I started to cry. I told her how he constantly stumbles on the stairs and I am getting more and more concerned about that.

Once Mike was done with PT, I took him to Michael D’s for breakfast, then we took a ride over to Fernan Lake, just to keep him out of the house for a while longer. He fell asleep on the way home.

I called a friend of ours, who is a financial planner, and I told him what was happening with Mike, and asked some advice on what I needed to do about the house, the stairs, and everything. It turns out, in Idaho, you have to live in a home for 2 years before you resell, or you face massive capital gains taxes. Bill suggested I check with our CPA to see if there was an emergency clause for medical reasons so we could be exempt in this case. I told Bill I had checked with a couple of apartment buildings for 2 bedroom apartments on the ground floor, no stairs! He said if there is no exemption, that would be a good way to go, and rent our home out to someone. The CPA hasn’t gotten back to me yet. Bill also suggested I contact the neurologist and ask for a letter stating Mike is not competent to be signing legal documents anymore. I told him I had already done the request, but hadn’t heard back yet. I also told him I had everything in a trust, and our wills were drawn up. He said those were excellent things to have done already. After I hung up, Mike said he didn’t want to be locked up. I told Mike, “my goal is to keep you with me for as long as possible and getting a place with no stairs was an important step in that direction.” He said okay. So it may turn out that Robert will live here in the house and Mike and I will move to an apartment. I will have to cover the rent, utilities, etc for both places so I have to be very frugal with where I pick for us to go! After Mike and I talked he decided to take a nap on the sofa for awhile, woke up, then he went to the family room (downstairs) slipping and missing steps, and falling into the walls; and after he got down there, he had the tv so loud I couldn’t be in the room. I fixed him some dinner and got his evening meds, and I turned the tv down when I took the meal to him. I sat there and made sure he took the meds, then he fell asleep with the tv on. I asked him to go into the bedroom, since he was snoring so loudly, but he wouldn’t, so I left and went back upstairs to the living room.

It looks like I will be having to sell the house for sure, probably put it on the market the 1st of August, unless the CPA says we can do it sooner with no penalties. I will need to find a place to move with enough room for me, maybe Mike, Robert and his kids. It’s been a while since I’ve had a migraine headache, but one is brewing and I can feel it.

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