Timing is off

Nahum 1:7 The Lord is good, A stronghold in the day of trouble; And He knows those who trust in Him.

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Taken October 2019

At 1 am Mike started yelling for Jenny! She jumped out of bed and ran to the stairs, calling over the banister, What?? What?? What’s wrong?? He said, “It’s time to go, I’m ready.” Puzzled, Jenny asked, “Go where?” “My physical therapy” (sigh, giggle) “Mike, go back to bed!” I went back to bed, and to sleep. At 7:30 I was up, and sat quietly for 45 minutes, before I got myself ready to take him to PT; also being ready myself allows me ample time to help him get ready, by finding whatever it is he needs: socks, shoes, glasses, coat, whatever.

Today was a decent day for Mike. He was walking a bit better, and not shuffling as much. He made an effort to walk properly. Mike did his PT today and afterward we went to pay the water bill, before I dropped him off for lunch, with some men from our church. He didn’t remember us stopping for me to pay the bill, and as we were talking about it, the men arrived, so he went with them. I got 90 minutes to me!

I took myself to lunch at Satay Bistro today. It was a pleasant, and tasty, meal and just as I was finishing I got a text the men were taking Mike home, so I had to get my check and leave in a hurry. I got home just after Mike did.

While I was working on some laundry, I remember the Title Company needed Mike, and me, to sign papers to put our house back into our trust, and we needed to be there before 5 pm. It was 4:10! I told Mike and he stood up to leave, but couldn’t remember where he’d put his wallet. He thought it was on the floor of my car. I told him he had it when he was with the men earlier – but he kept insisting it was on the floor of my car. He looked on the end table and didn’t see it, so he went out to garage. I ran to the family room, and there it was, on the window sill. When I got to the garage, Mike was looking puzzled and said, my wallet isn’t in the car! I just shook my head and handed it to him. We got to the Title Company and got the papers signed.

After getting back home, Mike watched tv for about an hour and then he wanted to go to bed for the night. It was 6:30. I told him goodnight and told him I would turn out the lights. I think he was asleep before I got to the light switch!

Right now, I am wondering how I can possibly manage to get Mike any extra medications! He has 2 that would be extremely difficult to wean down even if I had a 90 day supply! Tonight, I am to tired to deal with that – I’ll put it aside until tomorrow morning, when I can think more clearly.

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