It’s tired tonight….

Psalm 13:5 But I have trusted in Your mercy; My heart shall rejoice in Your salvation

Mike and me in Australia, October 2019

Mike was up at 7:30 this morning, and he laid down on the sofa and fell asleep immediately – so much for me being able to get anything done in the house. I beg him to PLEASE! go back to bed, but he refuses. He slept there all day. And he grumbled every time I made a noise. I yelled once and said ‘GO BACK TO BED!!’ He said No, I’m comfortable here.

DAMN IT! I had absolutely no time to myself today for anything. He’s sleeping in the very middle of the main part of the house. Can’t do anything in the kitchen, can’t run the vacuum, can’t pack boxes, even getting up off the sofa to get a drink of water disturbs him! And then I’m the bad guy, ’cause I bothered him!!

It’s tired tonight. There’s a lot to do and I am alone with this. I had reserved an apartment for Mike and me so he wouldn’t have stairs to climb – a ground floor place that you walk from the garage into the apartment without using any stairs! Cost, $1700 + utilities; I need to rent storage pods to empty our house and shop, Cost, $1950; Then I have the house payment and utilities, and all combined is a lot more than I can afford. It looks like I will have to forget the apartment, because I HAVE to move the stuff, and even renting at a storage unit place will require more than 1 unit, at $500 a month each. The last time we emptied our house to move it cost over $2000 a month for storage units. Most of the stuff is Mike’s art supplies, kilns, shelving for his art supplies, his roller table, etc. By renting the pods, I don’t have to move it by myself they will provide movers, load the pods, (that I lock up and keep the keys) take them to a storage area, and when I’m ready – deliver them to the new place and unload them.

Mike is saying he’s going to be doing the moving of everything by himself! I don’t think so. Now is the time to hire a company to come in, and move everything. He’s 73, and even without dementia, he isn’t going to be able to handle this move himself.

I think it’s amazing how the Lord places just the right person in your path at just the right time. I’ve been feeling tired and lonely and I just got a text that someone wants to drop by tomorrow to visit with me. What a blessing!

I am not going to be able to attend church tomorrow, I don’t have anyone to stay at the house in case Mike wakes up while I’m gone, and if he’s awake I won’t be able to watch services online either. I really have to call a couple of places, to see about getting someone in to keep an eye on Mike. It would be nice if it would be a man – Mike would feel better about that. Monday morning I will be making the call/s

I need to get some sleep, we’re supposed to have some snow tomorrow, we’ll see if it really happens. Good night.

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I am a Mom and a Grandma. I like photography, genealogy, scrapbooking, canning, and gardening

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