Again, Struggles

2 Timothy 2:11 Here is a trustworthy saying: If we died with Him, we will also live with Him;

Our Rebecca at 18 months old. She was looking up at Papa. Her Grandpa Lee, Mike’s dad

Mike went to the spine doctor today, he has to have another spinal ablation – now we have to wait for the workman’s comp adjuster to approve this. They’re not very willing to approve things, and he’s in the condition he’s in due to the work he did with the fire department. I’m thinking the issues with the dementia is also related to his work with the FD. All the chemicals, etc he was exposed to throughout his 32 year career. It makes me angry they drag their feet for the approvals he needs to feel better.

We’re still waiting to hear from the attorney about the chemicals, but that may take a while longer. 32 years is a lot of incidences to have to sort through and see what his exposure risk might have been. I am trying to stay upbeat, positive and continue to move forward. Unfortunately, it seems like we take 3 steps forward to slide back 4.

Today I literally had to take his jacket away from him to help him put it on, and he yelled at me! He didn’t want help, but he was making a twisted mess of it and couldn’t get it on properly at all. After he got it on, he yelled at me some more and told me not to help anymore! grrrrr.

I have tried and tried to tell him there are some things it’s just not worth the frustration of trying to figure out when you’ve made a knot of a mess, he doesn’t want to hear that. He just wants to try to do it himself. He’s worse than a 3 year old! and a lot bigger!!!

Mike’s been in his bed since 7:30, and it’s now it’s time for me to turn out my lights.

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