Today we sat, and sat…..

Proverbs 27:21The crucible for silver and the furnace for gold, but people are tested by their praise.

I took this a few years ago while we were at Black Sands Beach, on the Island of Hawaii

Today was less stressful, very much less melancholy, but still we just sat, and sat. Mike read a small book in its entirety and I did almost nothing but fix a meal and clean the kitchen. Oh! and I also got a load of laundry washed and dried.

I convinced Mike to go to the store with me to get mango juice, and he was agreeable to that. The store was out, but I will check back on Thursday and see if they’ve gotten anymore. I will have 1 hour on Thursday to do some shopping and I am planning to go to Cash & Carry for their bulk items. Since I am never sure just when I’ll get out again, I need to begin planning items for longer term use. A 10 pound bag of sugar instead of a 5 pound bag.

Mike is still searching for the Jeep keys, and I have quit ‘looking’ I’ve told him he probably dropped them in the shop – oops That was a mistake! He goes out there and forgets he’s looking for the keys, and wants to get out the chain saw again, or run the power saw! (shudder) I don’t want to think about that!

It was suggested to me, this evening, it’s like having a toddler in the house, without any of the rewards! So very true. A toddler is easy compared to this and the overall, encompassing, emotional drain. A toddler you can pick up and take with you, I can’t do that with Mike. If he says “No! I’m not going”, then he sits and I have to stay home also.

I’ve looked into a few trips I’d like to take, obviously I’m not going anywhere for a while, but it’s nice to check things out. I’ve decided to begin to save some money for a future trip to somewhere. After shopping on Thursday, if I have time, I may go open a savings account for a future adventure.

For now, Mike’s been in bed for 3 hours already, and it’s time for me to also say good night

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I am a Mom and a Grandma. I like photography, genealogy, scrapbooking, canning, and gardening

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