What is the prognosis?

Psalm 25:10 All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth, To such as keep His covenant and His testimonies.

A castle in Scotland, August 2017 – Someday I’ll be able to put all my photos into a scrapbook and have everything properly labeled.

Mike had an appointment with the GP Doctor today. We had to drive to Rathdrum. I figured 30 minutes ought to be plenty of time – wrong! I barely got us there before the appointment was scheduled. Mike ranted to the doctor about the driving test he had had to take. He was very angry and agitated, and tried to tell the doctor it was all wrong – I told the doctor that the occupational therapist, who gave the test, gave Mike a 5 mile driving radius from the house, and he argued with me about that, in front of the doctor. Mike asked the doctor to change the restrictions and allow him full driving privilege’s. Thankfully the doctor said no, it was up to the neurologist to do that. I could tell Mike was very frustrated!

The next thing Mike asked: “What is my prognosis?” The doctor asked what he meant, and Mike asked, “How long do you think I have to live?” (Color me very shocked! This topic has been taboo) Again, Mike was referred to the neurologist for a definite prognosis. Wow! This must be weighing heavily on him, yesterday he talks about who is to get what, and today he’s asking how long does he probably have left! Mike again brought up the Veteran’s Cemetery and I have to check with the attorney to see if what we put into the will is set in stone, or can we change it?

The doctor asked if there were any other concerns and I said yes, Mike’s trembling has seemed to have gotten worse and again, Mike began to argue with me. The doctor had him hold out his hands, and then said he would give him a med that will help control that; I am still waiting on the pharmacy to get the prescription filled.

We went to breakfast after the appointment, and then straight home. Mike almost never talks anymore, so we had a quiet meal. We left the restaurant and crossed the bridge to turn right onto Highway 41 toward Post Falls, from that point for a few miles, the speed limit is only 25 – Not long after I turned onto 41, a large, white, pick-up pulling a large black trailer pulled up behind me. He started laying on his horn. I kept my speed at the legal limit and he continued to lay on his horn. Then the speed changed to 35 and so I sped up – but the person in the pick-up started honking again, and again! Just before the next speed change to 45 the pick-up turned off to the right and sat on his horn for through his full turn! What a dope. There were a couple of patrol cars behind him, but I don’t think they realized what was happening.

Robert fixed spaghetti for dinner tonight, I didn’t think I was hungry until I smelled it cooking! Yummm. He makes the best spaghetti. While he was cooking, I told Zoe I was working on the 3rd load of dishes from Saturday’s bread making! I have been using the dishwasher instead of doing them by hand, because I have so much else I need to get done around the house. Even though it took me quite a while to get the dry bread dough off the cups and such, using the dishwasher to finish the cleaning really did help.

Tomorrow is going to be another long day of working in the house, so I need to turn out the lights.

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