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Galatians 3:22 But the Scripture has confined all under sin, that the promise by faith in Jesus Christ might be given to those who believe.

Taken November 2020 over Lake Coeur d’Alene at Higgins Point

Today Mike went to lunch with the guys. I got to drop him off at PT, then I was free for the next 3 hours! I went to The Bennett House, and talked with the director and got some information. I also got to share what had happened 2 nights ago. I was told, Mike’s actions are those of advanced dementia – however, he could sit on a plateau here for years!

It was recommended Robert, and I, make an appointment to see the neurologist and ask the doctor to tell Mike he must either go to day care 2-3 times a week, or he has to go into assisted living.

Also, today, my arms are really hurting, and they are beginning to show bruises – though slight, there is a little discoloration. I got home just 10 minutes ahead of Mike and he spent the rest of the afternoon watching tv and napping. At 7:30 I gave him his night meds, and I headed upstairs. My first 45 minutes were spent working on the office. I have 3 boxes I seriously need to dump out and sort through, and I have been putting that off as long as possible – and it looks like I am out of other things to get done until I get these boxes out of the way! I will, most likely, dump them on the extra bed and save myself from bending over to sort the stuff. I need a better system for my gifts also. I have already begun to purchase Christmas gifts, for stocking stuffers, (yes, I do that this early!) It saves me a ton of frustration to do this kind of stuff now. And it gives me time to search all kinds of magazines, web sites, etc searching for the unique little things to fill those stocking with. And once in a while, I happen upon something that would make a perfect birthday, or Christmas gift for someone else.

For now, I am tired, still, from the stress and anxiety of the last few days. And I am planning to go to sleep a little early this evening. Mike has already shut down and gone to sleep, so I feel it’s okay for me to do the same.

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I am a Mom and a Grandma. I like photography, genealogy, scrapbooking, canning, and gardening

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