Don’t Help Me

2 Thessalonians 3:3 But the Lord is faithful, who will establish you and guard you from the evil one.

Me and Mike in Hawaii, we were riding quads.

Another eventful day, today. Mike was really tired from yesterday, and I let him sleep until 9:45. I had to wake him so he could get ready to go to lunch. When we got into the car to leave, Mike couldn’t figure out how to get his seatbelt fastened, so I got out of the car, walked around to the other side, and fastened him in. We drove out to The Snake Pit for lunch with Dennis and Liz, then back home again. A total of 3 hours from leaving the house to returning – while we were gone, Lacey Green used our claw foot bathtub to do a maternity shoot. When we first got to the restaurant, Mike was cold and had trouble getting his jacket zipped – with Liz helping him, he finally managed it (he won’t let me help) The steps going into the building are many, and steep – it took Mike awhile to climb them, but he finally made it. We had him go out the back door of the building, to a ramp, for leaving and he got upset about that, but he did follow Dennis and Liz, while I got the car.

When we got back home, Mike, Dennis, and Liz all took naps. I didn’t – I usually don’t. Around 4:30 the others starting getting up, and ready for this evening. We went to a surprise birthday party for Terry Sasser. A very nice guy and it was fun to surprise him. We had pizza, Mike had a beer, I had hard cider, and Dennis and Liz had sodas. A well rounded group of folks attended the party and Terry was presented with a new camera. For weeks, everyone had been pitching in with a local ‘go fund me’ to help him get one after his original one had been stolen.

While we were at the party, Mike began to talk really incoherently. He was mistaking other women for me, and he was difficult to understand. As he tried to pass me a plate of pizza, he asked if I would like the wood. I was puzzled, and then he asked if I would like the fork, finally he shoved the plate toward me and said take it! He stayed seated for most of the time and as we began to leave, I told Mike his shoe was untied, and I asked if he would like for me to tie it for him. He got offended, and said NO! So as I was just getting to the bottom step, and Liz said, “Jenny, wait” I turned around and Mike was on the floor! I asked if he’d fallen as I ran upstairs, I finally discovered, he’d tripped on the shoe lace and sat down on the floor to tie it. I walked down again, more slowly this time, and I kept checking to see where Mike was. Liz stopped him in the middle of the stairway, and she tied his shoe for him. When we got home this time, everyone was ready to call it a night, but Dennis and Liz had to go and get fuel for their vehicle – they leave in the morning. I waited until they got back, I gave Mike his evening meds, and I got myself upstairs and now it’s time for lights out.

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I am a Mom and a Grandma. I like photography, genealogy, scrapbooking, canning, and gardening

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