1 Timothy 1:14 And the grace of our Lord was exceedingly abundant, with faith and love which are in Christ Jesus.

We were rear ended tonight. 29 March 2021

Today started out good? We had scheduled a plumber to show up this morning, and he was right on time at 8 am. After a couple of hours, he diagnosed the problem and, hopefully, all is now fixed.

As the plumber left, my phone rang, it was Marlene, and we’d barely said 5 words, and there was a knock at the door, and it was Cindy, and while she was here, Linda called! From days of nothing to all this contact over the weekend and today – I am loving it! I love being around people, and interacting with them.

After all settled down, and I returned phone calls, I began working on a diamond painting – it’s not as complicated as I first thought and it’s fun to watch the picture come together. While I was doing that, Mike called to me. He needed batteries for the remote for the tv in the family room. So I got my purse, and he was sitting in the living room, ready to go! We went to Fred Meyers and on the way out of the parking lot to turn right onto Howard Street, I got rear ended! OUCH! I think the car is totaled – the front end of the car is pointing to the right while I am driving straight (sigh)

Mike and I drove home, I filed a claim online, and I hurt, and I am nauseated. Mike rubbed my back and neck, but I am feeling quite yucky! It’s a rough way to end the day, that’s for sure. I think I’ll need to see a doctor tomorrow, more like a chiropractor. Darn, Darn, Darn – I hate this. I think I need to file a police report also. I was really shook up and didn’t remember to do this at the accident. Crud! Well, I’ll get to my insurance agent tomorrow, and to the police, and get this all handled after Mike’s physical therapy. I’ll also have to get a rental car.

And in the middle of all this, Mike asks if I knew where his batteries ended up – I got them for him and he went to the family room, and the tv. For me, I did a hot bath with Epsom Salts, a cup of hot tea with Irish Cream, and 2 Ibuprofen. Now I am ready to turn out the lights.

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I am a Mom and a Grandma. I like photography, genealogy, scrapbooking, canning, and gardening

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