More Confusion

James 1:3 knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience.

This was taken a couple of years ago in Worley, Idaho.

Today was a day of more confusion for Mike. He kept saying March was the 4th month. I told him April was the 4th month and he couldn’t get it. He was trying to fill out paperwork for a doctor’s visit, and just didn’t get it done. He was so frustrated, he was almost in tears. I told him it didn’t matter. Leave it blank and let the receptionist know you couldn’t get it. He was good with that.

Mike has been having a difficult time sleeping, but I am thinking some of the night time issues are caused by the day time napping. It’s a vicious cycle with medications, C-Pap machine, and sore back. He saw a chiropractor today, and I am hoping that some of the back issues will be helped through the treatments.

We are down to 9 days from our next appointment with the neurologist, and I am hoping, and praying, we can get some answers. I haven’t heard from the DMV about Mike’s license being rescinded, I hope the doctor has news about that. I am also wondering how Mike will deal with being ordered into an adult day care facility – I don’t think he’s going to take kindly to it and may put up a fuss.

It may seem as though I am projecting troubles, but in reality, I know my husband well, and I know his nature. These items are huge to a type A personality, someone who’s been the boss, the leader, the main one in charge in a major haz-mat situation, and up to a couple of hundred people under you that require you to know what’s going on and be prepared to handle all situations that might arise. Mike has always been that “in charge” person. He is feeling like he’s being left out of all decisions (sadly he’s being left out of some, but not all) He complains he has no control anymore, and that’s true; but how do you let him have the control when he can’t remember if he’s heading upstairs, or downstairs?

For now it’s wait and see, because all the speculation isn’t going to cause anything to happen and could, possibly, just get me frustrated as I try to hurry the time to pass faster.

We have a busy day tomorrow, so I will say good-night

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