Psalm 7:17 I will praise the Lord according to His righteousness, And will sing praise to the name of the Lord Most High.

Mike and me in Scotland – near Dumfries

We went to the chiropractor today, for an adjustment due to the accident on the 29th. I am still sore, Mike seems to be getting a bit better. We went to a local place for lunch after, called The Republic. I didn’t like my food – much to spicy and my stomach is making me pay for the little bit I did eat. Mike, on the other hand, had fish and chips and he loved it. Which is good, because usually I can’t get him to eat much of anything.

We got home after our lunch and Mike went straight to the bedroom and the tv! There he sat all day long. I had to go the the pharmacy for him, and he didn’t want to leave the house again, so I let him stay home. While I was out I took a note to his doctor’s office, to tell the doctor, Mike is having trouble telling the time with a digital clock. He says he can’t make out the numbers. So now, he’s asking me what the time is, over, and over, and over…..

We had pizza for dinner, I got 1/2 with steak and tater tots and 1/2 with ham and pineapple. The steak side is gone, and I guess the pineapple side we’ll have for lunch tomorrow 😁.

I tried to get Mike to go to bed at 9, but he was totally glued to the tv, and finally at 10 I told him he had to turn it off so I could get to sleep. Obviously, I have taken the time to write this first, but I am turning out the lights, asap. I have one more full day before the appointment with the neurologist and I am praying Mike accepts all that is possibly going to be given to him to handle: loss of his license, entering an adult day care, and maybe loss of making decisions for himself. It may end up being a really rough road for both of us to travel.

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