John 14:27: Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

Mike and me Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park day trip – October 2019

Today was still a melancholy day and though I was out and did a little shopping for myself, I seemed to drag. I’m sure not getting enough sleep last night was part of the tiredness I felt. After I dropped Mike off at the Bennett House, I had planned to go to Kaiju Sushi for lunch, but I had an errand to run, and it took most of my time, so I decided to go to the food truck, that Robert & Alycia have, and get a green salad based bowl. It was delicious, I got to visit a little with them and then it was time to get Mike

Mike was asleep, with a blanket over him, when I went in to get him, and as soon as we got home, he fell asleep on the sofa, jacket on, blanket over him. I let him sleep from 3 – 5 and we left to go to Candlelight Church

Mike didn’t want to stay and visit with anyone at the end of the program, and so we left and got home by 6:30. He again fell asleep on the sofa, and slept until 8 when I woke him to take his evening meds, then I sent him to bed, and he went without a fuss. The house seemed stifling hot and I check the thermometer and Mike had it set at 75! No wonder I am sweating a storm!

After he was in his room, I planted some mint a friend had given me, took a shower, did some dishes, and I managed to get the floor cleared in my office so I can begin to unpack the tall cabinet. I need to find the battery operated screwdriver before I unpack things – I don’t want to lose pieces of it while trying to locate the necessary tools. I will try to locate the screwdriver Thursday afternoon while Mike sleeps. I need to be stealthy about it, so he won’t have a clue and try to take over the process. Then I would really have a mess.

I think it might be best if I take my printer into Staples, to see if they can get it to work, somehow. It might cost a little less than having a home service call. I don’t think I still have the box, and so it will be a bit awkward to carry, but that’s going to have to wait until after the cabinet is finished. (I’ve decided if I work on 1 thing at a time, I might get it done). The cabinet may take several days, I’m not that handy with tools (Mike always did stuff and told me I didn’t need to learn how – now I really regret not pushing the issue) I also know I don’t have a ton of strength for lifting and carrying heavy items and I have to work in smaller sizes.

Tonight I realized there are shelving brackets on the left side of the garage as you drive in; I guess I never really paid that much attention to the walls in the garage. I also saw a bookcase I’d like to have in the office, in the garage. So, I will, eventually, get the metal holders and the boards to make the shelves, I will unload the bookcase, clean it up, and get it upstairs and I will put the items onto the shelves I plan to put up. Again, this will have to wait until after the cabinet gets completed. (How do you attach something like that to a wall?)

I have several things I need to get lined up so I can try to get things done, but first, I have to get some sleep.

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