Button, Button, Who’s got the … key?

Romans 14:19 Therefore let us pursue the things which make for peace and the things by which one may edify another.

Sweetheart Abbey, Dumfires, Scotland, August 2017

I was up by 7 and out the door to take the trash to the curb. Then I walked into the backyard and checked out the garden. Mike needed to be up by 9:45 so I went inside and sat with a cup of hot tea and enjoyed the quiet. After I woke Mike, he came to the living room at 10 and laid down to sleep again. At 10:15 I had to wake him again, so he could take his morning meds. He was picked up at 10:30 and I left right after the guys. I ran to Walmart, picked up a couple more raised garden bed sections, checked to see if they had a trailer jack with a wheel and they did not. I went from there to Harbor Freight, same; and Home Depot, same.

I got home 30 minutes before Mike was dropped off and I went to the back yard, found a hand truck and I was able to move the sections by myself. From there I moved a 3 cubic yard bag of potting soil to the 1st raised section and hoisted the bag into it. Now that soil is in the section.

I heard the vehicle that brought Mike home, so I went into the house and made sure the front door was unlocked. Mike sat down and went right to sleep – with his flannel jacket on! I am so warm, and he is laying there shivering! He slept until Robert and Alycia came in and we managed to get him awake by sitting there talking. Then I gave him the letter.

The letter, basically says: due to the advancement of your dementia no driving a vehicle, a ride mower, or using power tools. Mike was extremely upset, and I think the reason he didn’t fully blow a gasket was because of Robert & Alycia. Mike paced, muttered several things, was insistent he wasn’t that bad and said he hadn’t lost any ground. I told him he was wrong. Then he blurted out, “It’s a hell of a thing when you’ve lost control of your life at the end of it!” I feel sorry for him, but there is nothing I can do to change what is happening to him. All I can do is be there to care and keep him safe!

Mike fell asleep again in the middle of his mutterings and he was trying to keep warm. He had his arms wrapped around himself and was almost in a ball sitting up! I covered him with a blanket and he finally relaxed and went into a deep sleep, snoring all the way. About 3 hours later, he got up and asked for the key to the ride mower. I told him Robert had planned to move the mower and he had the key. Mike went back to the family room. 15 minutes later he was back asking for the tractor key. Again I told him, Robert has the key, again he went back to the family room. A third time he asked and I told him to sit down a minute while I text Robert – and I ran upstairs to get his evening meds – Robert stated he did, indeed, have the mower key.

Mike is now back in the family room, getting ready to go to sleep for the night. I will finish my cup of hot tea, and go to sleep myself.

Published by motherpooh

I am a Mom and a Grandma. I like photography, genealogy, scrapbooking, canning, and gardening

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