Confused over and over

2 Corinthians 1:2 Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Westminster Abbey, July 2017

Mike and I went to the chiropractor this morning and then to Elmer’s for brunch. We were both fairly hungry and left nothing on our plates. 🙂 After there we went to New Leaf nursery to get some potting soil. Mike decided to sit under some trees to read while I was inside the store checking things out. I needed to move the car to have some bags loaded and I told Mike what was going on, and I asked him to wait for me – but he didn’t. He ended up shuffling through the parking lot in a very slow gait and holding everyone up while he crossed the middle. The guy from the nursery had the car loaded and I was backing out, when Mike came up to me and asked me to open the trunk – “Why? I need for you to get in so we can leave.” He was going to put bags into the trunk. I told him he was holding up traffic, please get into the car! He finally listened to me and it took him at least 5 minutes to get around the car, open the door, sit down, fasten his seat belt, and then close the door. In the meantime, now I am the one holding up everyone else! (sigh)

We got home and I got Mike into the house and distracted with the tv, then I went out, and using the hand truck, I was able to get the bags from the trunk out to the garden sections. 3 bags, and it wasn’t quite enough. I had already put 6 cubic yards of raised bed mix into the 1st section, then 3 bags of 2 cubic yards each. I needed more.

I went into the house and told Mike I needed more potting soil and he said he was going to stay home – I convinced him I’d get him a strawberry shake to go with me, and we headed of to another nursery. VanHoff’s I got 3 more bags of potting soil at 2 cubic yards each. Again, Mike told me he was going to stay in the car, then he got out and began trying to follow me. I was from one side of the parking lot to the other and back again 2x and he hadn’t even gotten to the 1st side. I suggested he sit in the car and wait but he refused. As I made my decision on the type of potting soil I wanted, he stood in the middle of the parking lot looking lost. I tried to get him to sit down, somewhere – again he refused. Thankfully, the place was almost ready to close and we were the last customers or he would have held up traffic yet again. I got him into the car, and headed to Baskin-Robbins for his shake. After we got home again, I sat with him for a bit, then he decided to watch tv, and while he went to the family room, I went to the garden, got the hand truck and emptied the trunk of the car, got the bags to the garden sections and finished filling section 1. I put 2 bags into section 2 and it will need 2 – 3 more bags. I am hoping to get them tomorrow. Then I can begin to plant section 2. I have cucumbers and peppers in section 1; I will be doing squash in section 2. I think I’ll do lettuce in section 3 and I haven’t decided on section 4.

Throughout the day, Mike was trying hard to be a help, but he got confused over and over. No matter how careful I explained to him, he couldn’t grasp what was going on and therefore, it became a challenge to keep him occupied, and safe. I know he’s up watching tv at the moment, but I really need to go to sleep. Here’s hoping he doesn’t need anything for the next few hours!

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I am a Mom and a Grandma. I like photography, genealogy, scrapbooking, canning, and gardening

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