Cataract Surgery? Possibly

John 1:17 For the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.


This morning started out by going to the optometrist. Mike’s appointment was at 9:15 and mine was at 9:30. I passed Mike a couple of times going from room to room for various exams, tests, etc. Finally to the last room, and the doctor comes in and said to me: “Please talk to me about Mike’s health and what’s going on with him.” So I explained about the frontal lobe deterioration, shared some of the things that have happened since August 2020 and and Mike being in adult day care now. The doctor proceeded to tell me that Mike’s vision is now at 20/45 and within a year he may need cataract surgery, but he qualified that by asking, “Do you think he will still be with us in a year?” I then told the doctor I will be somewhat surprised if Mike is still here a year from now. The doctor told me he was amazed at how much ground Mike has lost since his last appointment – 1 year ago. I agreed with him on that, then the woman who was doing Mike’s pressure testing on his eyes, stuck her head into the room and asked if Mike should wait in the waiting room, and the doctor asked her to bring him into my exam room. Once he was done with my exam, he had Mike get into the chair checked a couple of things with him, then told Mike he might be needing cataract surgery within a year, or so. After Mike was finished and stepped out of the room, the doctor asked me to please keep him informed on Mike’s overall health progress. I agreed to this, and we left.

I dropped Mike off at the Bennett House 15 minutes early today, I had some tests, an ultrasound, and such at Kootenai imaging and I didn’t want to be late for my appointment. My ultrasound was a fasting one, so I hadn’t had anything to eat since dinner last night, and I was getting really hungry. Anyway, these were all well-checks, just to get a baseline of things, due to my age! After I finished at the clinic, I went to the pharmacy, then it was 3:30 and I had to get Mike.

We got home, and he sat in the living room, then went downstairs for a bit. He was working to stay awake, and seemed to be having a difficult time doing it. He finally said, “Let’s go to dinner.” and I agreed, we went to a local Mexican restaurant and my stomach was all upset – I guess it was to spicy for me since I hadn’t had anything to eat all day. I didn’t finish my dinner, I got a box to go and we left for home.

Mike was looking for clothes to wear for tomorrow, and he came upstairs, then he laid down on my bed and fell asleep. I knew what he was looking for, so I went to the closet and pulled out some nice slacks and a nice shirt for him, and he slept for at least an hour, or two. At 10 he woke up, got the clothes I’d set out for him, and made his way downstairs to his own room. During this time I worked on the diamond painting project, and kept checking to make sure Mike was okay.

Now, he’s asleep in his own bed, door is closed to his room, and I am ready to take my shower.

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