VA Center

Romans 12:12 Is be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful and prayer.

Mike, sporting a new haircut & trimmed beard

Today was a typical Tuesday. We went to the chiropractor, then to Elmer’s, but a switch-up occurred when Mike decided he wanted a haircut. We drove through Riverstone, but were unable to find a barber. So we drove along Northwest Blvd and found one. They did a good job.

Mike is trying, very hard, to have things be “normal” ; unfortunately, he isn’t able to do this and he is exhausted just walking a few feet. He went to the shop, and forgot what he went for, when he finally got back to the house he took a nap.

After I fixed his dinner, he ate so rapidly I was amazed. It was lasagna and he had no problems with swallowing. Though he did have a large glass of water to help wash the food down.

I am needing to take Mike to the VA center in Spokane Valley and I am hoping Robert will be able to make an appointment for next Thursday, the 29th. I need to get Mike signed up with the VA and they will help with his treatments, day care, and possibly long term care. The paperwork is extreme and the wait time, once you’re in the system, is months long. Mike’s asked me about this a few times, and I finally have an address to proceed with.

In the meantime, I have to proceed with other items, and also prepare for having to financially handle all the costs alone.

I also need to find out the status of the emergency conservatorship. It’s only been a few days, but I dont have any idea how long something like this takes.

Now he’s in bed, and I will have lights out myself in a very short while

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