Getting things done

Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure and heart: for they shall see God

We were in Papette

Another busy day. I needed to do fasting labs this morning, so Robert sat at the house in case Mike woke up. I was back by 9:00 and Mike was up about 9:45. Robert had fallen asleep on the lounge chair and Mike laid on the sofa and went right to sleep. I had dueling snores between 10-11 😅 I woke the guys, gave Mike his meds and Robert left. Then I dropped Mike at the Bennett House and went to the market and ordered a birthday cake for Mike to share on Wednesday. He will be 74 tomorrow!

After the market I had to go to the attorney’s office and that ended up being a longer stay than I had planned for, but I got some information that I needed, so it was well worth the time. Since the plans I had fell apart, I ended up going home for 90 minutes until it was time to get Mike again. During that time I called his Union for the fire department and ordered new insurance cards, I contacted medic alert, and ordered a bracelet for him, and I talked to Idaho Health and Welfare about getting a list of long term care facilities. I was told the closest right now is either Boise, or Pocatello. NOT HAPPENING! I refuse to have him 8 hours away if he has to go to someplace. I will figure out how to pay someone to be here, in the house, with him.

I took him to Elmer’s for an Alaskan cod dinner and he ate almost everything on his plate – hurray!

After we got home, Mike sat and read for about 3 hours, then he went to the family room, watched some tv and then to bed. Though he made it to bed before 10, I am barely going to make it before 11

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