Petition is before the Judge

Proverbs 10:12 Hatred stirs up dissension, but love covers over all wrongs

In Hawaii, September 2019

Though it’s past midnight, technically it’s the 31st, but I am just now getting to write for the 30th.

I got Mike to the Bennett House at 11:30 and drive to Rathdrum, 25 minutes away, to take a packet of papers to the medical clinic. It was information I felt the doctor needed to know prior to Mike’s appointment on August 4th. From there I also had to go to the attorney’s office, where I found out the conservatorship papers have been read by the Judge, and he wants some follow-up information. An attorney, for Mike, has been appointed and I should be going to court within 3-5 weeks from now. It was suggested that I should start tracking my finances now, the Court will want a full accounting.

I have talked to Robert, and we will be diligently working to prepare the room on the main floor for Mike, for a bedroom. He’s not going to be happy! 😔 I also need to add a shower to the main floor powder room for Mike. I had it set to go, but Mike threw a hiss fit and told the guy to get out. I have to start over with getting quotes, etc.

Mike is determined he’s going to drive again, (sigh) and I am even more determined he will not.

My goal is to keep Mike home for as long as possible, I will go as far as getting someone to live in, to help care for him. I dont know how much input the Court will have on that decision, but I hope, and pray, as his wife of 51+years, my wishes will be honored.

Mike took several short naps this afternoon, and one long nap of over 2 hours, yet he was extremely tired this evening and went to bed by 8:30.

At almost 2 am. I need to get some sleep also.

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