Paramedics called

Psalm 18:1 I love You, Oh Lord, my Strength

Sunflowers, taken by a friend

It has been a most stressful day! Starting out, I got Mike to his doctor appointment in Rathdrum. He totally failed the cognitive test. The doctor told him no more driving, Mike told the doctor, “I understand, and if I were in your shoes, looking at me with dementia; I wouldn’t let me drive either” then Mike spent the next hour trying to convince the doctor he was okay to drive. The doctor also told Mike he should consider having a guardian- well at first Mike scoffed, and then he refused to believe that might be necessary.

After we left the doctor, I took Mike to the Bennett House, and I had an appointment with the attorney to sign an affidavit requesting I be given guardianship of Mike. My court date is 90 days from today. I have to have a person inspect the house; someone to interview me, Robert, and Mike; a full background check of me and Robert; a full financial report starting with August 1, 2021 and Robert and I have to take 2 online classes each.

Tonight, after dinner, Mike took his evening meds and I had gone outside for a minute. I got inside and Mike’s legs gave out and he sat down, hard, on the steps. I ended up calling Robert and it took both of us to get Mike off the stairs and into a chair. Then I had to call Robert again because Mike was incoherent and couldn’t walk, drooling severely, and ready to collapse. He was taking extremely tiny, shuffling steps and was totally confused. We called 911. The paramedics arrived, and felt he had a TIA transitory aschemia a mild form of a stroke. Mike refused to go to the hospital, so the paramedics ended up leaving.

I got Mike back to bed, and turned out the lights. I am exhausted mentally and physically. I got a shower and now I will try to get some sleep

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