It hurts my heart ❤

Psalm 38:7 My only hope is in You

Mike and me in Scotland

Mike kept waking me up to see if I “was there” He did this every couple of hours! It was a very long night! I had planned on changing the sheets on Mike’s bed, on Tuesday, and it’s still not done. I feel so behind now! If I do the sheets when Mike is home he gets very agitated, so I try to do it while he’s at the adult day care.. The doctor has said now is the time to get guardianship of Mike. So I went to the sheriff’s office to be fingerprinted. Parking lot was empty, lobby was empty and I was told they were booked solid until 3 today 🤔🙄 So now I have to go back in 2 weeks to get it done! Then I had to have a telephone interview today. By now, 2 hours are gone, and I know I won’t get to all the things on today’s list; but I got Mike on time, and on the way home he declared he was done going there. 🥴 He told me he can sleep at home just as easy as sleeping there! I told him he would have to ask the doctor before he could stop going and he wasn’t happy, but finally agreed. He went to sleep as soon as we got home, and as I was trying to get out to the garden, just before I closed the back door, I heard the front door slam. Rushing back inside, Mike was not on the sofa – he was walking to the shop. I asked him what he needed, he replied, “I was looking for you; I didn’t know where you were.” I assured him I was right here, I had him go into the house and I fixed his dinner.

Someone suggested to me how lost, and alone, he must feel, to never be sure where I am, and to always be looking for me 😔😔 That hurts my heart ❤ .

I go from exhaustion, to frustration, to care and to fed-up. This is a major roller coaster ride, and I am learning as I go. There are no set answers, no set of directions or instructions on dealing, but most importantly, we are covered with prayers from around the world. Though I feel totally alone much of the time, I know the Lord is carrying me through this trial. I need to get to the point where I turn to Him 1st, and always. He has Mike’s best interest, and my best interest at heart and I need to lean more on Him.

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I am a Mom and a Grandma. I like photography, genealogy, scrapbooking, canning, and gardening

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