Aggressive , angry & belligerent

Ephesians 5:20 Always giving thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our lord Jesus Christ.

Me and Mike, seated; with friends, Phil & Paola

Today started out really good, we went to the chiropractor, and then was filled in the was Phil and Paola in the car we ended up at Elmer’s for breakfast.

After we finished eating, I drove down to Higgins Point on Lake Coeur d’Alene drive. We talked about the eagles coming in November, and leaving again in January, and then then we drove to Fernan lake. The above picture, was taken there. The above picture, was taken there. Talked about the moose coming into the Bay, I talked about Is the beautiful water poppies and the pretty water lilis the water lilies, and we talked about the osprey coming in and fishing during the time that the lake is being stocked.

After we got home, Michael took a quick nap, and then he became agitated and aggressive and belligerent. I told him I wanted to help him take a bath and he said over my dead body. I told him he had an odor and he needed to clean himself and that he needed help but he refused from there he decided he was going to start driving again. I told him no, and he absolutely got so angry and said “we’ll see about that!”

He wanted me to call the doctor right then and there, and I wouldn’t do it. I told him we seized the doctor on Thursday and he can discuss it at that point. He told me I’d better be sure to know that he was definitely going to talk about this because it was ridiculous that he wasn’t allowed to drive. Oh!Boy! This is a potential boiling point getting ready to ignite.

I had hoped, by now, he would have realized he wasn’t capable of driving, handling a vehicle. I was, obviously, wrong. I know I need to give the doctor a “heads-up ” before he gets into the exam room with Mike. Even though I’ll be in there also, I want him to be aware if whats going on ahead of time.

Tonight, after Mike went to bed, he was up 3x. Each time I helped him to get back into bed, covered him, kissed his forehead, lights out and close the door. Each time, he was back up within 5 minutes 1. He needed a drink of water; 2. He needed to go to the bathroom; 3. He needed some Sudafed for a sinus issue he was having. Finally, he was in bed, and stayed there. It’s after 11 pm, and I am now able to go to sleep myself.

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