The doctor said No

Psalm 103:20 Bless the Lord, you His angels, who excel instrength, who do His word, heeding the voice of His word.,

Strutting male turkey

This morning began with an loud noise, like an alarm clock going off. I went downstairs to find the cause, and at 1st I thought it was my refrigerator. It turns out the noise was an alarm from the sump pump in the basement, and the plumber can’t be here before Monday! Our guests are going to be very inconvenienced; They can’t use the toilet or shower. 😬 However, they’re being good sports about the situation and said we’ll muddle through.

I took Mike to his GP appointment today. I had called yesterday, after his big blow up. As soon as he was checked in, he was taken to the exam room. His weight is up to 144 from 135, and that’s good. He told the doctor he believed he could drive around town, and the doctor said No; then he told the doctor he wanted the door removed, and again the doctor said No. (Thank goodness) Mike decided he wanted a flu shot, so they gave him one. I need to start carrying all the paperwork with me for guardianship/conservatorship and the POA (power of attorney) The GP switched up some of Mike’s medications and he’s going to be in touch with the neurologist. All is seeming good.

After the doctor’s appointment, I took Mike and Phil to Tomato Street and dropped them off to have lunch with the other guys; Paola and I went to lunch with Cindy. We had a good time talking and sharing.

This evening Mike said he was totally bored, but refused to do anything I asked. Paola says tomorrow don’t ask, just have the stuff out, ready to use, and see what happens. It’s worth a try.

Mike didn’t want dinner, I was able to have him wait for his evening meds until 8pm, then he went right to bed.

Paola, and I, talked for another hour + before we both decided it was time to rest.

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