Mike thanked me

Galations 5:14 For the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command: ‘love your neighbor as yourself’

My 1st class is completed

I had the beginning of Vertigo, and I was able to get myself to the chiropractor. I had called someone for help, but no one answered my call. I’m glad what I was dealing with wasn’t important. I got home in time for Mike to be taken to the Bennett House, then I was finally able to connect my printer to my laptop and get it working!

Phil Canaday, took Mike to the Bennett House and I was able to start my guardianship/conservatorship classes. I began with the guardianship one, and it took about 90 minutes. I was told the 2 classes were about an hour each. It seems to me that 90 minutes is a bit more than “about an hour” Anyway. Class 1 is done and I have the certificate.

Paola Canaday, went to the market with me, we got some ground beef and doctored up the ravioli we had the other night. It was very good, especially since we added an Asian salad with fresh strawberries and mangos. We also had garlic bread. Yummy and tasty.

Mike wanted to go to bed early, and at 7:15 I gave him his evening pills and he went to bed, bit got up again 3x. The 3rd time he told me, ” thank you for caring for me and taking care of my medications ” my heart melted! It’s these small, special things that help me to keep going and keep trying.

Giod night.

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